MFB201 Redundancy Converter


SNMP Managed redundancy converter

  1. FX port support Redundancy, When SD1 Link down then SD2 will link Up within 10ms
  2. Built-in IP-based Web Interface
  3. Supporting remote and local management
  4. Supporting IEEEE 802.3X Frame Flow Control for Full-Duplex mode
  5. Store and Forward mechanism
  6. System IP address setting/DHCP client for IP address assignment
  7. SNMP Read/Write monitor/private Enterprise MIB
  8. Event trap and SNMP trap support/Community Read/Write
  9. Speed duplex mode configuration/Flow Control setting/bandwidth Control on TP/Fiber port
  10. Supports Port Status/Ethernet Statistics on both TP and Fiber interface
  11. Loop detection/Broadcast/Multicast/Uncast storm control
  12. Management VLAN/16 IEEE 802.1Q VLAN groups
  13. Support IEEE.802.3ah Remote control/Power down alert
  14. MFB11 support IEEE 802.3u OAM/Loop Back Test (Option)
  15. Password setting, IP setting
  16. Firmware upgrade via remote Web interface
  17. Choice of fiber-connector from SC, LC, WDM, multi-mode
  18. Support Android operating control
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