WAC3000 Wireless Controller


Wireless controller

Access controller hardware parts
  1. MTK7621A based hardware (AC device)
  2. LTE connection: Cat.4 ~ Cat.6 (Option)
  3. Flash/RAM: 16MB/256 ~ 512MB
  4. Ethernet: 5 Port Giga networking, Max 4GB backbone
  5. Storage: TF Card slot and 1USB port
  6. Support Real time clock
Access controller software Features
  1. WLC Support minimum 100 access points
  2. Support minimum 4K VLANs
  3. Support Network services like QoS, 802.1Q, Telnet, Radius, WPA, 802.11x
  4. Support 802.1x through external RADIUS
  5. provides AAA service for subscribers
  6. Support manage time, schedule, interfaces settings
  7. Authentication, authorization and accounting server (RADIUS)
  8. Hotspot portal
  9. FTP-server
  10. VPN-servers (OpenVPN, L2TP, PPTP) to establish permanent connections between AC and served devices
  11. Remote system logging server to collect and keep logging data from controlled devices
  12. Web-interface to configure software suite, manage system, subscribers and served devices
  13. Management: Support Web GUI/SNMP V2c
  14. Automatic software upgrade: AP download image automatically from AC via secured tunnel
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