• We innovative the latest features for the best products as your requirement.

  • Provide customized products base on our powerful hardware and software engineering team.

  • Our solid VPN feature ensure your information security and safety.

  • Easy connection by our user friendly set-up hotspot feature.

  • Stable product quality let every users enjoy every technical features.

About Us

Management Philosophy

BravoTek is a leading technology company, Telecom Total solutions Provider such as Outdoor WiFi, Fiber Switch, MPLS LTE/3G AP Router and POE Surge. Our guiding principle for all of products is maintaining high quality. The key running philosophy of BravoTek is providing the most suitable product designing according to every customer’s requirement. We would like to help all partners creating the best achievement in their field.

Fast, Stable and Punctual are guaranteed to each product made by BravoTek.

Fast : BravoTek research and development team has rich experiences and knowledge about wireless products, and it leads to BravoTek can submit the designing pattern to our partners in a short time. BravoTek wants to help our all clients have shorter developing time, and better quality wireless products than their competitors.

Stable : Supplying stable quality products is guaranteed to every partner because we respect all clients.

Punctual : "HONESTY" is our policy. BravoTek can provide product numbers which you need in promising time. BravoTek gives assistance to every partner establishing their wireless market around the world.

BravoTek is at pains to provide high quality products and responsible service attitude in order to help our partner can be the front-runner in this competitive market. BravoTek would like to assist every partner in the leading position by maintaining high standard competitiveness at time, product quality and cost in the high competitive technology market.

We purse several objectives that will allow every customer gaining market penetration.

Our first goal is offering high value, high quality products for Telecom industry.
According to every telecom's special requirements, we will customise the most suitable products base on the features requesting.
By our own hardware and software team, everything is possible!

Our second goal is helping our customers reaching their expectation smoothly of products quality.
BravoTek always provide fast respond.

Speciallized customizing software team.
Bravotek invests a lot in our software designing, and that is why we are so proud of our customizing features for different customers in every unique project.


One step for total solutions BravoTek provided business and residential Routers, Access Points, Wireless controllers, Fiber converters and Switches.You can have the products according to your demands without worrying IOP issues because our products have highlycompatibility.
BravoTek gives you the most cozy experience for any kinds of solutions you need in the shortest time.

Wireless Access Point

Dual Band Concurrently Access Point Serial
● AP152-Lite
● AP152
● AP1200 Indoor
2.4G Single Band Concurrently Access Point Serial
● AP800
5G Single Band Concurrently Access Point Serial
● AP580

SNMP Managed Fiber Converter

Giga Managed converter
● MFB101
Redundancy Managed fiber converter
● MFB201

Layer 2 Switch

Management Layer 2 Switch
● G2400M
Management POE Switch
● PS802M
Smart VLAN Switch
● G800V


● MiCPE101+
● MiCPE101
Indoor LTE AP/Router
● MiAP101
● MiRouter
● MiEdge
● MiCPE-5M
● MiCPE-5
LTE IoT Gateway
● MiGate101

MPLS Router/Wireless controller

MPLS Router
● VPN2200
Wireless Access Controller
● WAC3000

POE & Surge Protector Module

Green Power POE
● DC4806
● DC2406
Green Power POE switch
● PS801
Surge Protection POE
● SMPS-4806
● SMPS-2410


We provided you more possibilities of applications.

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Tel:+886-3-6576865 Fax:+886-3-6576643

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